Swap Training

80% of community banks currently do not hedge with swaps.  Why so many on the sidelines?  The simple answer is a lack of knowledge, experieince and training.  Taking steps to understand the core issues will give your bank the opportunity to expand the tools available to manage interest rate risk.  Whether you do a one day course or series of short webinars we can deliver the information you need on these key issues:
  • Swaps 101 - Basic mechanics of Swaps and where they work for community banks;
  • Accounting for swaps - hedge accounting or mark to market reporting;
  • Dodd Frank Issues for community banks;
  • Credit Risk Management for Swaps, dealer risk, borrower risk, and how collateral requirements will impact liquidity;
  • Understanding the ISDA - getting the best terms from dealers.

Most Derivatives training ends up being a confusing round of complex equations, academic theories and “expert” commentary.  With all due respect to academia, we believe derivatives training should be about meeting the specific business objectives of our Clients.  We focus on the products you will use.  We deliver a practical understanding of valuation and risk management. We address the risk and reporting issues that might keep you awake at night.  We give your board, management, credit and finance teams the knowledge they need to make a good decision, document the process, manage reporting and make accounting entries.